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I fell in love with photography in my teens but born in Croatia I had no money to buy a professional camera.

At 24, the opportunity to come to America opened up and I packed a suitcase, lowered my expectations to zero and made my move to a new country.. new culture.. a brand new continent..

All by myself, the path wasn’t easy but I worked my way very hard and one day I had enough money saved to buy my first professional camera.


Once bought, I sure felt like a child in a candy store and was hard to get the smile off my face.



t&mlaugh -3.jpg

Ever since then I was inseparable with my camera, practicing daily.

A few years later I opened my photography business.

Becoming a mom at the same time my work was limited to family and children portraits what grew to senior portraits and all the way to starting photographing weddings.

I can’t really say which photography is my favorite one I enjoy it all and I never stopped capturing my creative shots everywhere I went.

When my kids got old enough for both of them to start full-time school I finally organized my art and created an online store.


At the beginning of living in Newport RI, which becomes a big part of me, I decided that Hope should become part of my name and now it's a name that my business carries.

As a person I am a huge explorer, always on the move. I love traveling and learning about new places and seeing lives lived from a different perspective, so the love for photography turned out to be my perfect fit.


have a 13-year-old daughter,

Tessa and a 10-year-old boy, Matei, and part of our family is a puppy named Bubbles.

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